3 May


3 May 2024 16:00 Münsterplatz, Achen

Nicolas Schmit Aachen
Nicolas Schmit in Aachen

Europe-Festival of the Social Democratic Party of Europe (PES)

3 May, Münsterplatz, Aachen

Arrival: 15.45   Start: 16.00


  • Nicolas Schmit – PES Common Candidate for European Elections
  • Lars Klingbeil – Party Leader of the SPD
  • Svenja Schulze – Federal Minister for economic cooperation and development
  • Martin Schulz – Former President of the European Parliament and Special Envoy of the PES 
  • Sarah Philipp and Achim Post – Co-Leaders of the NRWSPD
  • Thomas Vaupel – Deputy Secretary General of the PES

and other guests

Music: Miljö & Lagerfeuer

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