My plan for Europe

My plan for Europe

We live in times of major change. Defending our societies, our democracies, and economies is getting harder and harder. In such turbulent times, I believe Europe needs a strong social democratic voice: a fair, social, and inclusive approach to all challenges. That’s why I am stepping forward as the Common Candidate of the European socialists and democrats for President of the European Commission. I want to build the Europe we want: social democratic, sustainable.

The last decade has been defined by massive changes. Europe has faced climate chaos, terrorist attacks, the global COVID pandemic and a war on its soil. We – the social democrats – have shown strength, unity and solidarity. We have proven that a Europe built on these principles not only shields its citizens from harm but inspires hope that a brighter tomorrow is possible. Through tireless dedication, we have pioneered progressive solutions to the pressing issues of our time: from the soaring costs of living to the existential threat of climate change; from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic to the spectre of all-out war hanging over Europe.

Today, many challenges remain. Europe’s competitiveness is at stake, as is our security. Our social and democratic models are being tested.  Faced with these challenges, Europe is the only answer. I defend a Europe that delivers by reindustrialising our continent, by creating well-paid quality jobs and by developing the needed capacities to defend ourselves. A Europe that delivers by investing massively into a fair green transition, workers’ training and ensure territorial cohesion. A Europe that taxes the ultrarich and rejects austerity and social regression.

The Europe I want is social

The promise of social progress cemented my European and social democratic convictions. I am the candidate of working people: the majority of Europeans. I stand for enhanced working conditions, decent wages and zero deaths at work. I fight for the quality jobs our citizens need and deserve.  Everyone should benefit from the right to training, which was a principle very dear to Jacques Delors.

We will fight all kind of inequalities ensuring that everybody has equal opportunities in our society.

I am for social protection and job security for everyone, without exception. This is why I believe that Europe should continue to define rules to protect and empower workers. It must ensure their social rights in a world where work is more and more digitalised and shaped by artificial intelligence. I believe in strong collective bargaining and social dialogue, by protecting and reinforcing trade unions’ rights. The gender pay gap is a reality for women in Europe. Domestic and sexual violence is a reality too. That is why we need a feminist Europe. And we need it now.

The Europe I defend cares about youth. Young people are not only the future, they are the present. We will put an end to precarious work by delivering a directive on quality and paid traineeships and ensure access to quality mental health support, with a European Mental Health Strategy. 

Europe must bring housing costs down, by investing more into affordable and social housing, speeding up construction processes and better regulating excessive short-term rentals. This my pledge to you.

The Europe I want is democratic

I believe our democracy needs to be protected. I reject any cooperation with the far right. They propagate hate and division in our societies. They herald the return of nationalism. They threaten people and to the European project. The far right is a poison for democracy, the rule of law, women’s and LGBTI+ rights. Our socialist and social democratic values are irreconcilable with theirs.

Until recently, speaking of Europe as a peace project did not resonate with European citizens. With the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine this has radically changed. Against a backdrop of war and conflict on our continent and in our neighbourhood, Europe must be a guarantor of peace and a defender of international law and fair international relations. This means that Europe must be ready to defend its democracy and ensure its security.

The Europe I want is sustainable

We are the party of the European Green Social Deal to deliver a just transition.You cannot negotiate a pause on the European Green Deal, because you cannot negotiate a pause with climate change. As President of the European Commission, I will push to achieve net zero by 2050.

Europe is facing global competition from other players like China and the USA. We need a true European industry policy again so we can reindustrialise our continent by investing in our companies and workers’ skills and protecting our economies from unfair competition. This is why I will put in place an Investment Plan for the Green Transition and a Made in Europe Strategy. With socialists and social democrats, achieving climate neutrality will be a force for social and economic progress. As many regions, sectors and workers are facing huge change, I want to send a clear message: I will not abandon you. If you lose your job, I will make sure that training and new quality jobs are available.

To rise to the challenge of the green and digital transitions, the EU needs means that match its ambitions. That is why I will not give up on the idea of a permanent investment capacity. I will create fair taxation and tax justice with a European wealth tax on ultrarich people. Europe must change course and become a continent that is no longer divided between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Let us not falter in our pursuit of a more just and equitable society. Let us draw inspiration from the promise of social progress, uniting as committed Europeans and social democrats. Together, we shall champion the cause of working people—the heartbeat of our continent—advocating for fair wages, improved working conditions, and ample opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our journey towards a brighter future demands courage, resilience, and unwavering determination. Let us be the architects of change, the guardians of democracy, and the stewards of a fairer and more sustainable world. For in our hands lies the power to shape the destiny of Europe and to pave the way for generations to come.

We must do this in June at the European Elections. We must vote for the Europe we want; social, democratic, sustainable.